2020, THE Year of Heartbreak...

Going into the year of 2020, I saw myself at a NYE party filled with great friends who were getting their drink on. That night I told the gal that I was seeing that I loved her more than Ohio State Football and I was ready to see what 2020 could throw at us together. Fast forward 8 months, I am without the person I thought I loved more than Ohio State Football and as of today, I don't have my true love as well. The Big Ten has just cancelled the fall football season, which means no Ohio State Football.

You may think this isn't a big deal, but to me this is worst than a heartbreak. Before every Ohio State Football game, I find myself in the bathroom throwing up from the sear fact that I am overly excited and nervous to see my Buckeyes out on the gridiron. We could be playing the laughing stock of the Big Ten (Rutgers) or Captain Khaki Pants from TTUN. The result is still the same.

During this time, please check up on your Buckeye friends and family. We are all sad. This is the worst pain. Wear a mask for the love of Woody Hayes! Trust me, it is okay to cry... I know I have.



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