Day 1 of the Playoffs the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Alright, the first set of games are in the books and what have we learned so far?

The Good

For this next team, I can't say much other than I'm hopeful for the nets. they're playing well for not having any staRs on this team. this is gonna be a sweep for Toronto but I'm okay with that I have the bucks and Toronto going 7 games in the ECF. I like what I've seen this year from the nets bench and the organization all around they've been competitive and the ball movement has been good. just some minor tweaks and they're stars back and they'll easily run shit in the east.

As for Toronto, damn this team has got it and they are some hungry f*cking dogs across the board they have a majority of their players scoring double digits and working as a team. Lowry's performance is amazing and I truly love to see it. I've always shit on Lowry but to watch him lead this team post-championship has been special, to say the least. This team is some scrappy dogs and they need some more respect on their name.

The Bad

This is gonna hurt to say, but blow the 76ers up or keep one star for now and ditch the rest. Specifically, the Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid combo that Brett Brown thinks is a great idea. This combo just isn't it. Go back to the drawing board and figure this sh*t out. I'm so tired of losing to the damn Celtics.

Even with Simmons out for the remainder of the season, this team is still good. and should be winning but after 4 years they still haven't figured out how to win. Honestly, I didn't think it would come to this but I got money on the celts running this shit in 4 MAX 5 games but that's it. 76ers might sneak away with one. After they ultimately lose to the Celtics again... Brett Brown is gonna be fired and maybe there will be hope but it all depends on who they hire. We already saw the first few coaches go this year with Alvin gentry in New Orleans and Czar Boylen in Chicago.

We saw a piss poor performance from Al Horford who by all means hasn't been great at all this year I was happy when the 76ers signed him but from what they've got from him I'm just gonna say he's washed. Watching this team hurts my soul so much, but ill survive knowing Brons got it in the west.

The Ugly

The jazz f*cking suck but Donovan Mitchell is amazing, I'm calling it now some dumbass team is gonna pay Rudy Gobert a f*ck ton of money for no reason. don't get me wrong he's good and all but holy sh*t he can't do anything in the 4th not to mention that relationship with Mitchell is still hurting. it's something you can forgive but it's absolutely not something you forget.

Mitchell was able to put up a monstrous 57 points making it the third most in a playoff game and wow did he ball, let me just put a screenshot of what the rest of the jazz was doing to put it in perspective.

No one on his team could even hit 20 points, what a joke of a performance, and for once I actually feel bad for Mitchell. Until yesterday I wasn't really all that much about Mitchell but wow was I wrong. This young star is here to stay and I hope he keeps proving me wrong. I don't know what's going to come from this jazz team this year but they need someone whos not named Rudy Gobert.

Okay, before starting the next segment I just want to say two things that are very sincere to me. F*CK THE REFS AND F*CK EJECTIONS.

thank you

The Good and the Ugly

Luka's mavericks were putting in work until the worst decision I've ever seen was made. the refs decided they had had enough of Porzingis. This has to be one of the worst calls I have ever seen. No one should have been tossed out. it was a heat of the moment shoving and nothing serious at all. That call was complete and utter bullsh*t and had players from all over saying how bad it was. All around, this hurts the fans and the game. I truly believe that Dallas had this game had that not happened early in the third quarter.

This is when we saw something truly special and if you missed this game well I'm sorry, but Luka Doncic when his bag put the team on his back and balled. No other word for it is necessary he went out and left it all on the court. You can tell he's got a lot to learn but 42 points in a playoffs debut, oh my god this kid has got it. I'm saying it now and I've said it since he was 17 Luka will be one of the greats in this game. He's that good and there is no doubt in my mind that he will be one of the smartest basketball players in history when all is said and done we can look back on something special.

The Clippers performed well we saw the return of Lou Will and he was good off the bench did exactly what he supposed to do and Kawhi and PG put up a combined 56 points, they did very well in last night's game. I think they know how this team is going to be a tough one but I imagine next game is when the clippers will really give it to the Mavs.

this Mavs team is still so young they have a lot to learn. Some might say that his amazing performance is clouded by 11 turnovers, but honestly, I'm not worried this kid is a learner and he'll be perfectly fine. In one game Luka went through what some players face in a whole series. This is a bounce-back player and this team is gonna be great with some more experience.

Overall I like what I've seen from some of these teams. This is good basketball and I'm so glad it's back

As always until next time.


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