Devin F**cking Booker.

Wow. What a run for the Suns in the bubble. If you live under a rock then you wouldn't know that the Suns are currently 6-0 in the bubble and they are chasing after that 9th seed spot. It has been so electrifying to watch this suns team grind together and pull out a win every game.

Honestly, I had no faith in this Suns team the only thing I knew is that Devin Booker is an absolute monster and he deserved better. I still think he deserves to be in a bigger market team. a place where he can get another superstar with him and can grow as a player. this team's front office has been less than lackluster. The front office is consistently switching head coaches every year and is truly depressing to watch such a star be treated in such a horrible way. On to something less depressing.

Devin Booker has been on an absolute tear the past 6 games from putting in that buzzer-beater right in Paul George's face to throwing a shot up from the logo and while being defended.

I think the title stands clear when I say that "he don't miss". To add even more evidence that Devin Booker doesn't take a shot he knows he won't make he took to Instagram to comment on Kendall Jenner's recent post (serial NBA dater) which was an undeniable success.

Ben Simmons can't seem to catch a break this week, but back to what really matters. The Phoenix Suns who added defensive Guard Dario Saric and Point Guard vet Ricky Rubio have been detrimental to this team's success. I don't know if Deandre Ayton is a bust yet. He seems to fit the needs of the suns but, in my book, he was a bad first pick. This team has finally figured out how to build around Devin Booker after what seemed like so many miserable years with attempt after attempt, year after year with no hope in sight. Is this finally the start of something great or is this the end of the Phoenix and Devin Booker relationship. I don't have the answer to this but I know I want to see this man win a ship. He definitely deserves it. time and time again he has proved he has what it takes to go out on the court and leave it all there. The man can ball and he needs to have that chance to do so.

It's not like they're beating bad teams. This team is a Suns team that we haven't seen in years. I think everyone underestimated this team.

Being in Phoenix over the past week its been electric. The fans are ecstatic now more than ever and they deserve to have that 9th seed and it's going to take a miracle to get them there. I'm hoping for the best for them I loved watching them play and I honestly think next year this team will be in the playoffs. One thing I think this team needs to do in the next offseason is to add another veteran player to change the locker room and really teach this amazing group of young guys how to really mature together and play well.

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