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My First Trip Back to the Movies

As anyone who has had the pleasure of knowing me understands, i'm a pretty big movie buff. I've been that way since grade school without much explanation as to why. My parents and siblings really don't get into movies like i do so my admiration of cinema stemmed from some unknowable force. So it should come as no surprise that the second the theaters opened near me you can bet I hopped in my car and went to the nearest showing of Christopher Nolan's latest film "Tenet".

The brief synopsis is essentially the protagonist (John David Washington) is an international spy type who through some unforeseen circumstances has been tasked with uncovering the truth of the mysterious force known as "inversion" and potentially stopping world war 3. I realize this is a pretty bare bones explanation but the truth is the less you know about this film the better. Not because of some shyamalan twist halfway through the movie, but because that's the appeal of christopher nolan's work, he likes to setup mysteries for the audience and pays them off in a big way.

If my previous comments have enticed you at all then I recommend you go out to your nearest cinema and check it out because i'm about to get into spoilers.

Suffice to say if you're a fan of international spy thrillers, supernatural phenomenons and Robert Pattinson then you're in luck because Tenet has plenty of everything to keep the viewer interested throughout. Much like my first viewing of christopher nolan's inception it took me a few days afterwards to really unpack and digest what he was going for here. I don't pretend to be the smartest film buff out there, and sometime themes and plot devices go right over my head so when leaving tenet I had to watch no less than 5 "Tenet Explained" videos on youtube before I had a firm grasp on the film. But once I figured out what the hell I was watching I gained a newfound respect for the movie.

John David Washingtons "The Protagonist" is your james bond type super action hero, he's good with his fists as well as his brains. I didn't walk into this movie expecting a spy thriller with supernatural elements but that's what I got and I was impressed. The first action scene is one of the better shootouts in a christopher nolan film to date. In the past movies like "Inception" and his magnum opus "The Dark Knight" have presented great characters and situations on screen, but the actual execution of the action feels stale, especially when he attempts to do shootouts. This may be one of nolan's best action heavy films and we see that throughout with the protagonists confrontation in the kitchen scene where we get an excellent display of hand to hand combat that rivals films like "The Raid" and "Casino Royale". Christopher Nolan brings it right up until the very end with a trippy inversion centric final action piece that sees the events of the battle play out in forward and reverse. Buildings fall down then simultaneously re-assemble, soldiers die and reanimate and a huge sweeping battle unfolds.


What I liked about tenet was that it really goes for it with its inversion twist that feels less like a gimmick and more like an integral plot point to the story.

Nolan improves on his action scenes in every way, he doesn't shy away from big set pieces either.


It will definitely take many viewers until about the halfway point of the film to get a somewhat firm grasp on what's going on.

The main character can be somewhat dull at times but i feel like that's because the story is more about Elizabeth Debicki's character and her internal struggles.

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