Rookie of the Bubble & DEN vs. UTA picks

The only shot this man is taking is the one on the court. MPJ is absolutely one of the league's wildest characters but damn can he ball. he's come to twitter to unload some information that no one needed.

Back in high school, MPJ was top-ranked by most highschool scouts and an undeniably good prospect in the making, unfortunately, he struggled with back injuries early into his collegiate career. Drafted in 2018 with the nuggets 14th pick, I thought surely this was a steal for the nuggets. There's no way that a player this good was going to get passed up like this but sure enough he landed in what would be an amazing turn of events and a wonderful comeback story.

MPJ struggled with an L3 and L4 back injury two minutes into his season and Mizzou, this was devasting as he was rated one of the best high school players in the country. Despite the battle with the injury, it did not stop him from pursuing his goal and that was to be playing in the NBA. Watching MPJ play in high school, it was no doubt that this man had the potential to be a superstar in this league. His court vision is amazing and the ability to be an offensive threat on the court. Unfortunately, he wouldn't even get to break out into the big league until this years season (19-20)

Before the break, MPJ wasn't doing so hot averaging only 14.2 minutes 7.8 pts per game this arent numbers you want to see from a potential NBA superstar. Back from the break, he came into the bubble ready to play, and wow did he leave it all on the court. in his return, he played a full game with 43 minutes under his belt and a whopping 37 points for the rookie. This would only be the beginning for the young superstar. He later went on to score another 30 point game and then finally a 27 point game.

The Nuggets play tonight against the Jazz, and so far this season, the nuggets lead the Jazz in their series 2-0. the Nuggets and the Jazz have continued to perform very well against their opponents, especially against each other. Vegas has the spread set at -1.5 and the over/under at 221. These teams don't normally hit the over on their games but with the way Jokic and MPJ are playing, I have them hitting the over and MPJ having a 30+ game. Rudy Gobert vs the Joker is one hell of a matchup but gimme Joker every time. He's an absolute beast and I don't doubt that he's gonna tear this team apart.

Overall I got the over and Denver -1.5


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