The Baddest Man Alive & POR vs. BKN Picks

This year I ran off the Portland trailblazers as a team that wouldn't even make the playoffs but holy shit was I wrong. they started the season riddled with injuries across the board. There has been one man that has succeeded to save it all Damian F**king Lillard. This elite scorer has been on an absolute tear.

The other day Dame and PG (Paul George) got into it over Instagram after PG stated "and you getting sent home this year (laughing emoji) respect". To anyone else seeing this, it is a clear sign of disrespect and pettiness from PG and should not be taken lightly at all especially Since last year Dame was the one to send PG home on an impossible 3 from deep.

PG has absolutely no room to talk in the past few years he has put up a lackluster performance in the playoffs. This year I haven't seen anything of value but what I have seen is a superstar player put up 60+ point games 3 times and then put the entire city on his damn back. This is some of the best basketball I've seen since Lebron's 2018 playoff run. Damian Lillard joins elite company with scoring 61 points in a must-win game against the Dallas Mavericks. This is his third game scoring more than 60 points putting him behind none other than Wilt Chamberlain in most 60 point games in a season.

Dame has inspired this team and leads them in a way that is truly remarkable. We've seen a huge step up from numerous players across the team. Gary Trent off the bench just being an absolute monster. Nurkic doing what Nurk does best. He scores in the paint and gets those rebound someone who portland has truly missed while Hurk was recovering. One of the best moves Portland made was signing Carmelo Anthony. This has been detrimental to the performance of this team. Finally one of the top performers and one of my favorite players in the league is CJ McCollum. CJ has been one of the most consistent two-way players the league has to offer and just to prove who he is as a player and a person, CJ with a fractured back makes two free throws in the last 3 seconds of the game in a must-win race to the 8th seed. This clutch performance puts them over the edge for room to breathe in the 8th seed.

I'm excited to see what's to come for this team and I'm glad they made it to really show out in the playoffs.

PICKS: POR: - 9 and the over (236.5) against the Nets

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